Great Depression Essay Outline

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Leeah Coady 1st hour Language Arts, Hobbs In the early 1930´s and late 1920's the Great Depression hit our economy hard, the stock market crashed and almost everyone was put out of business. Many things had happened during the Great Depression not only did many people get put out of business, many people got put out of their homes because all of the banks closed know one was allowed to access their money. As time went by during the Great Depression many people were not only becoming homeless and jobless but, many began to starve because lack of money. During the Great Depression to add on to all the chaos we had the election for out new president, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was determined to put people back in their homes, get…show more content…
It was a heated campaign between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In an article titled ¨The New Deal¨, it states that Herbert Hoover ¨felt that the public should support the government and not the other way around¨, but the man who won the election Franklin Delano Roosevelt ¨felt it was the federal government's duty to help the American people weather these bad times.¨ Which if you think about it , that is probably the reason people voted for him, because he knows how it feels to live with a family and that it is not easy to just pour out money to the government in there time of need when you have needs of your own. Which is the reason Roosevelt won the election , because he made a whole bunch of new rules and fulfilled his duties and kept the trust of his people, and put everything back in order. According to the text ¨During the first 100 days of his presidency, a never-ending stream of bills was passed, to relieve poverty, reduce unemployment, and speed economic recovery.¨ ¨His first act as president was to declare a four-day bank holiday, during which time Congress drafted the Emergency Banking Bill of 1933, which established the banking system and restored the public's faith in the banking industry by putting the federal government behind it.¨ Not only did Roosevelt get there money back he also established a list of other laws that need tinkering and ended all the
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