Stereotypes In The Great Wall

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Supporters take to the streets to celebrate the casting of Matt Damon as an Asian in ‘The Great Wall’ ‘This is an unprecedented breakthrough in the fight against the propagation of diversity and equality in Hollywood,’ say people partying on the streets Figure 1: Supporters can be seen dressing up and celebrating on the streets on this joyous occasion LOS ANGELES—The decision to cast A-List actor, and Academy Award winner Matt Damon as a Chinese warrior in the upcoming war epic “The Great War” has been the talk of the town, leaving audiences largely polarized on whether it promotes racial stereotypes, or is a revolutionary step in cinema history. Saying it should be very clear that absolutely nothing can change their position on the matter, staunch supporters of the move told the rest of the nation Tuesday that no amount of open letters, rational arguments or ‘misleading’ statistic could sway them. The announcement was issued by a majority of the most adamant proponents of the movie across the country,…show more content…
They claimed that above all, the primary reason they support this casting choice is to promote a healthy meritocracy in the nation. “The notion of an Asian playing the lead role of a decorated hero in a movie of this magnitude is as ludicrous as that of Hilary Clinton not being responsible for her emails,” said Adam Mill, a resident of New York as he watched over his daughter being taught Latin by a Chinese exchange student in their Manhattan home. He continued. “Although skilled in martial arts and fighting, Asians lack the moral compass of democracy and human rights and a backward patriarchal culture than can only be eradicated by a westerner messiah of superior values who delivers them from their plight – much like we have seen in
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