Ruth Kluger's Denial: The Horror Of The Holocaust

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The world is complete with death, destruction, and fake news, but it is everyone 's job to make a distinction between true and false.Holocaust Denial has been around since WW2 and started out as propaganda against the Germans.The Holocaust was the mass extermination of the Jews and multiple other “groups” of people in Europe during WWII.Over the past few decades, people such as anti-Semitism (anti-Jew groups) have gathered “proof” that’s the Holocaust never really happened.Although many people believe the Holocaust was a hoax, this historical event is backed up by eyewitnesses, historical documents, and Nazi/war facilities.
Eyewitnesses like the famous Anne Frank and many others have published their experiences in books and memoirs to shed a light on the grim time in the world.Even less commonly known authors such as Ruth Kluger have depicted a vivid description of the horror in the Death Camps.”Kluger 's account is set against a backdrop of death and destruction.All remaining inmates of the
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Structural blueprints of the concentration camps show direct proof of the Nazi 's intent to kill the prisoners.This structural evidence does nothing but back up the fact that gas chambers were in use during the holocaust
Many workers weren’t completely in the know of the Nazi intent.“On 6 March 1943, one of the civilian employees working on the construction of Crematorium 2 referred to the air extraction system of 'Auskleidekeller [undressing cellar] 2 '. No normal morgue could require an undressing room, particularly one that was 50 yards long. In that same month, there were at least four additional references to Auskleidekeller.”( Lipstadt) Structural evidence will continue to back the holocaust even if workers hadn’t known of the camp/building true
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