Essay On The Hunger Games Government Vs Government

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Since the Declaration of Independence ratified over two centuries ago, the United States of America have become a dominant, strong government. It has come from a vast, resource full land with only Native Americans to a vast, resource full land with every race. Americans seem invisible after all the success that the country has created that people might think that they are invisible, but if something happened inside America with the government, the whole country would go into chaos. If the government tried to recreate the government in The Hunger Games, the population would try to fight back but inevitably fall. Firstly, the people in office will feud over a Hunger Games. As beliefs clash, different states will divide and replicate districts. The newly divided states will suffer as they don’t have all the resources in each state. A new trade system will be hard to input as the states feud over resources. The trade system will simulate that of the Districts in The Hunger Games. For example, Texas will be the District 10 for America as they provide livestock, New York will be the District 1 for America as…show more content…
The world is not prepared for the form of government. America is not united and will break away easily if the government decides to change, and other countries will take advantage of their weakness. Little issues like feminism, no wi-fi, colds, and other first world problems break up the nation. If something this dramatic was to happen, there is no way anybody could invasion the catastrophe it could create. The population would have no chance against a whole government and their enforcers. America needs to focus on problems and build a stronger nation. The population need to focus on the country, not on the petty things that happen every day. The country can fall back to the beginning just as fast as the country built itself
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