Argumentative Essay On The Intentional Fallacy

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Name: Jayne Toner Student Number: 12446552 Philosophy Essay 2 – The Intentional Fallacy For this essay, the topic I have chosen to discuss in further detail is 'The Intentional Fallacy '. This topic will include readings from Wimsatt & Beardsley and Hirsch. The two readings called The Intentional Fallacy and In Defense of the Author will be examined and discussed in detail. The two readings are connected as Hirsch 's work is an argument responding to the views of Wimsatt and Beardsley 's in The Intentional Fallacy. I found this topic particularly interesting about the relationship between an artist and his work. I will first talk about Wimsatt and Beardsley 's The Intentional Fallacy article. This article, published in 1946 primarily focuses on the work of art 's meaning and how it is not necessarily tied to the intention of the creator but is shaped by contemporary criticism. The first point that Wimsatt and Beardsley make is about the subject of intention. Wimsatt and Beardsley define 'intention ' as “the design or plan in the authors mind”. They highlight that it has to do with the way the author felt at a particular time or what made him write. They present to their readers a number of “axiomatic” propositions and firstly start…show more content…
I will now begin to talk about the second reading by Hirsch called In Defense of the Author. Hirsch opens up this chapter by tracing the prevailing thoughts of certain literary theorists which led to the prominence of the theory that revolves around authorial irrelevance. This particular theory removes the author as a “determiner of his text 's meaning”. Adopting a defensive tone throughout the reading, Hirsch intends to make the case that authorial intent is what strictly determines the validity and a person 's interpretation of a text and therefore gives the text a meaning. Hirsch argues this by presenting and offering refutation against four different arguments that wish to “banish” an author
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