Argumentative Essay On The Internet

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An Argumentative Essay Children these days are more involved in social media and technology. You can barely find any child who does not know how to use a phone or the internet. They spend most of their time watching YouTube videos or browsing the net instead of playing with other children out in the open. That being said, the internet could be a very dangerous thing for children to discover. The internet has many uses and can teach us many great things but letting children use it can lead to bad things, such as changes in attitude, thought process and general health conditions. It could corrupt their minds in ways that may not be suitable for the youth. An example of negative access to the internet would have to violence. Violence through online access is very common these days, considering some children are not aware of what others think of them. The lack of protection could make them vulnerable to the harsh world of the internet. Harsh people these days tend to show no mercy since they could care less about the opposing person 's feelings. Other than that, they become influenced to continue wrongdoings because others encourage it through their actions. Not only does the internet encourage violence, it can change the thought process of children. In usual cases, children tend to instantly believe almost everything that seems to make sense to them. Not knowing that negative content can hurt them mentally, they become too stubborn to change their perception for they think
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