Argumentative Essay On The Israel Problem

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A little Palestinian boy, Ali continued to ask his father “Dad where had my little brother gone?” His father couldn't reply because Ali’s brother, Omar had been dead. Omar was only 11 months old and he only knew smiling. His father said with tears “My baby could say only two words, dad and mom.” Since Israel attacked Palestine in 2012, so many innocent citizens including babies were killed. There are a lot of children like Omar and Ali in Palestine. Do you know the Palestinian problem? Although I was quite indifferent to this problem, the scene I watched in a university class was so miserable that I realized we shouldn’t turn our head away from their harsh realities. Then I started to search about Palestine, and found Ali and Omar’s tragic story. Today, I’m standing here to talk about the Palestinian problem in some detail and think with you what we can do for them. Let me talk about the Palestinian problem briefly. In the past, Jewish lived all…show more content…
I was also one of them. Palestinians have tried to resist Israel nonviolently, but many people don’t know about that now. At the end of the class, I had an opportunity to talk to a Palestinian, whose name is Iyas Salim. His family was injured in Gaza in 2014. He said “Japanese can move freely from Osaka to Kyoto. However, there are a lot of people who can’t go to the next city freely. You think your daily lives are normal, but Palestinians think that your normal lives are freedom, and we are longing for it.” I was ashamed of my ignorance. Through talking with him, I strongly felt that we should not think it is someone else’s problem. Palestinians are in a tough situation, and they try to break through their daily lives. They intensely pursue the peace. On the other hand, we are blessed with peaceful daily lives now in here. We can access the information freely and we have freedom of expression, so we have to act instead of

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