Argumentative Essay On The Killer Angels

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Have you ever come to wonder as to how people got treated back in the Civil War when they got injured? What tools did they use? How did they do it? Was it safe to use? Was there an alternative option? Many of people’s deaths were caused because back in the Civil War they didn’t have state-of-the-art medicine as what we have today. As you continue on to read, you will read about how soldiers, from the book, The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, got injured and how medical treatment was used to help the wounded soldiers. I will be talking about three soldiers that have gotten hurt in war and how they got treated for that specific injury.
The first person I will be talking about is John Buford. On page 146, paragraph 2, it states, “He had been hit once in the left arm and the bleeding had stopped but the genuine pain was just beginning. They had wrapped the arm and put his coat back on and he did not show the injury.” Back in the Civil War, there were two ways to take out the bullet. One way was amputation, but they would only amputate that body part if the bullet did shatter the bone. If the bone wasn’t shattered, another way was to remove the bullet and just put a
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On page 96, paragraph 1, the text says, “Reynolds lay in dirt road, the aides bending over him. When Buford got there the thick stain had already puddled the dirt beneath his head. His eyes were open, half asleep, his face pleasant and composed, a soft smile. Buford knelt. He was dead.” Reynolds got shot on his neck and fell off his horse straight to the floor. Right after being shot, immediately Reynolds died. He wasn’t able to get the medical help that he needed. If there was a possibility that he didn’t die right away, then the only thing they could do was to just remove the bullet because they wouldn’t be able to amputate his neck. The only choice they would have is to remove the bullet and let it heal on its own, since there isn’t much they can do about
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