Argumentative Essay On The Lottery

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In today’s society, winning the lottery would bring great joy to someone hence the word “winning” which is usually considered something positive but in the story “The Lottery”, winning the lottery isn’t exactly a win. The story takes place on a nice sunny day in a small village packed with families that are fairly close. Annually, all people inhabiting the village gather together and hold the lottery which is a tradition where there are as many slips as there are families, one having a black dot on it. One by one the head of each household draws a slip not daring to peek at it until directed to do so. After each family has drawn their slip to fate, the family with the black dot must then draw again, but this time each member of the family draws a slip with only one having the black dot on it. The family member that draws the black dot must then be stoned to death by the rest of the village in belief that their sacrifice will increase their crop share. In “The Lottery”, old man Warner even says, “Lottery in June corn be heavy soon.” …show more content…

She has four kids, one grown, and is married to Bill Hutchison. The day of the lottery, Tessie showed up late but showed little worry for it. She was all smiles and when it was her husband’s turn to go she even rushed him to hurry up and draw showing how careless she was about the lottery. Everything changed when her husband Bill was the one who drew the black dot; she started screaming and protesting, claiming that the drawing was unfair and that the people did not give enough to draw. Things escalated even more when they redrew and Tessie got the black dot. She even tried throwing her grown daughter under the bus. Towards the beginning of the story Tessie was content with the lottery and even rushed Bill to draw, but at the end she said the lottery was unfair and that Bill didn’t have enough time to draw showing the two sides to Tessie in the story and how she

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