Argumentative Essay On The Meaning Of Life

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In the following, I will make my arguments on the meaning of life from three viewpoints including Naturalism, Creationism and Existentialism. Naturalism Naturalism proposed life is a purposeless process. Their findings about lives are based on scientific results and it provides a realistic platform for human. However, they also made some false assumptions. Meaning of lives is for us to search for. Naturalism suggested that Human is just about carrying DNA (Baggini, 2004, pp. 8-9). However, when this mission will be achieved? When the descendants of ours will ever know that their lives are about to ditch this burden and they can start discovering their meanings of lives? Naturalists corroborated that the world started with the Big Bang and the existence of God is not germane. Since there is no creator of both this world and our lives, who will send the message to us or the future generation about the end of this mission and the moment has arrived to abandon the cursed past life? Neither the DNA of ours, the environment, nor the past generation can tell because why would they know? There is only one possibility left and that is our intelligence. Only our thoughts have the ability to create something new and that includes the message about finding our own life’s meaning. Uniqueness of human lives is not for carrying the DNA. Furthermore, personality is not determined by DNA only. The Minnesota study and many other studies showed that genetic materials only play a rather big
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