Argumentative Essay On The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games have served as a source of entertainment for centuries. The people are encouraged to take action and participate in these Games, after undergoing special training. Most of them find pride in representing their country, but the main objective is to be the best in the world, or at least one of the best. But not every country is able to participate, countries that don’t have a stable economy or countries that are in war don’t take part in the Olympics. Some countries often view themselves superior to other countries within the Olympics, but it sometimes leads to political superiority. This puts in risk the purpose of the Olympic Games, which is to unify the people within and all the countries involved by creating bonds. The Olympics should not be influenced by political disputes, or peace will be disrupted.

Even though the Olympics are meant to be peaceful, there has been disturbances such as discrimination. In 1936, the Olympics were held in Germany, a country experiencing post-war punishments. As addressed by New York Times, “ But Hitler would soon turn Germany into a police state”, Germany was being prepared to change its political and social views. This situation would heavily interfere with the Games by putting visitors and even germans at risk. Also stated by New York Times, “ A persuasive speaker who believed in genetic superiority… and blamed many of Germany’s current ills, especially its ailing economy, on jews”, Hitler’s corrupt ways

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