Argumentative Essay On The Penny

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Off with the Head The penny is one of America 's most iconic coins, but yet people toss them once in their possession. Most thoughts about the penny are more negative than positive. Lewis, Mark’s passage (Source A) shows the reason is has not been banned yet. Kahn, Ric’s passage (Source B) explains the penny was only good in its prime, and now is wasting our time. Safire, William’s passage (Source C) spit straight fire saying that Lincoln would be “ashamed” to have his face on the penny, supporting the idea to get rid of the penny. America needs to make the decision to eradicate the penny. As we sit here waiting for something to be done; our streets, couches, and coffee pots are being engulfed with these ghostly coins. In Source A, Lewis questions if anyone can get rid of the penny. Arizona Republican Kolbe, proposed the “Legal Tender Modernization Act”, which rounds prices up or down. The penny would not be ban by this act but merely would render the penny useless (Kolbe). If this system made the penny useless, it would be a better idea to ban it fully. Not banning it would still allow penny production…show more content…
“ The U.S. is among the last of the industrialized nations to abolish the peskiest little bits of coinage” (Source C). More and more counties will soon join in on the laughter as they dismantle their low value coins. It would be a different story if we used the pennies. Only about one-third of the pennies are in circulation, the other two-thirds of them are hiding in our chair cushions (Source C). Not only is the government losing money from the missing two-thirds, but it is also wasting money on workers. These workers would be more usefully employed tracking counterfeiters, instead of making 10 million pennies a day (Source C). There are areas in our government that could use more funding. If the penny goes, we will have extra money to keep our government up and
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