Argumentative Essay On The Suffrage Movement

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Nowadays our world is changing hourly – its political, social and economic global picture depends on the decisions (more or less important, but still important), which are taken every minute. Sometimes it seems that all significant events have taken place, moreover it was a long time ago. At the same time we forget that there are areas of life, our daily lives, which have been completely different recently. In modern Western societies the right to receive education and to vote for women is natural part of life, contrast to the Third world counties, where women still do not have opportunity to take part in decision-making and influence various spheres of life in their countries. Skeptics may wonder: “What is so special about the fact that women are allowed to vote?” I believe that despite all controversial views this event was a huge shift for social change and future breakthrough in this area. For the American feminist movement such impetus was the successful story of the suffrage movement during the First World War, including the adoption of the 19th Amendment. The history of women’s struggle for their rights is very long and sometimes seems endless. “The Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries opened up job opportunities for women, released them from domestic confines and provided them with new social freedoms” (Repetto, 2010, p. 178).These improvements would be a platform for further achievements of women in public, including the
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