Argumentative Essay On The Titanic

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Every movie well, almost every movie you have seen has interesting anecdotes behind it. Sometimes surpassing the movie itself. Whether it was the shocking accident where Brad Pitt was almost incinerated when shooting “” or about Shia LaBeouf pulling out his own teeth or slashing his face with a blade. There are several such not so commonly known facts scattered about through the portals of Hollywood. Here are 15 such gems carefully picked for your reading pleasure.

The making of the movie Titanic cost more than building of the actual ship, Titanic.
Titanic is a romantic disaster movie directed by James Cameron. The movie had several interesting facts attached to it. The movie was made on a budget of 200 million USD. Ships would be constructed for 7.5 million USD in 1910-1912. Adjusted for inflation, the cost of the actual ship would be around 125 million USD in 1997.

Simon Peggs thought landing a part in Mission Impossible 3 would be mission impossible
English actor,
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Sean Bean is terrified of flying. But most the film sets were constructed in remote parts that required flying. The access to these parts were primarily by helicopter. Sean attempted to make the flights with hi co-actors but after a rough ride, Sean put his foot down.
From then on, He would dress up in his full costume, take ski-lifts part way up the mountain and hike the rest of the way on foot.

Tim Robbins waded through chocolate, saw dust for his escape in The Shawshank redemption.
Tim Robbins refused to enter Andy’s escape tunnel after a chemist who tested the water said the water was “lethal”. The actor finally agreed to do the unforgettable scene only after the lethal water was replaced by Chocolate syrup, water and sawdust. Fans who visit the site say the tunnel still reeks of chocolate.

The wizard’s coat seen in the movie ‘The wizard of Oz’ belonged to its author L.Frank Baum who was dead at that
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