Argumentative Essay On The Use Of Social Media

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Innumerable amounts of students have been consumed by a certain platform, that even causes some of its users to end their lives to escape their suffering. Social media is causing unneeded stress on youngsters, and it has a negative effect on mental health. Those who believe that social media is a way for students to make friends and stay connected are faulty. The use of social media should be banned from minors because it can lead to childhood depression, has the potential to be addicting, and many kids or teens don’t know how to responsibly use it, giving away too much personal information.

One of the reasons why minors should be prohibited from creating social media accounts is because use of social media can lead to depression.
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Conversely, some feel that kids and teens should be allowed to use social media because its their way of connecting with others. For example, as stated in ‘The impact of social media on social skills,’ “Social media sites provide children with the opportunity to stay connected to friends and family, make new friends, share pictures and exchange ideas.” This evidence is nonsensical because making friends online isn 't always safe. What if the person on the other end is a pedophile in disguise, and next thing you know they plan to meet up in real life without their parents permission, leading to the child being kidnapped. To further prove the opposing claim is wrong, ‘Social media is dangerous for teens,’ states, “A study was done to prove to parents that their teenagers were actually just as stupid as we all think they are…Without fail, every single teenage girl came out of the house and jumped into the van.” This aforementioned quote indicates that teens don’t realize the dangerous situations they put themselves in. They’re young, so they don’t have the simplest logic, and think that they’re safe from child predators, so nothing bad will happen to them as they see happening on the news. Clearly, some might feel that social media has a positive impact on minors, but are completely wrong, because the dangers and other negative factors outweigh the
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