Argumentative Essay On The Veldt

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Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt teaches readers that without being taught morals people can be just as wild as animals. In the story the children were obsessed with the Africa simulation. They allowed it to control their lives.When their parents tried to reverse the affects of what they had allowed to happen the children didn't listen. They wouldn’t accept what was going to happen. They valued the tech’s life more than their own parents. They had no problem killing their parents in order to keep the nursery that raised them. The africa simulation that they would play nonstop displayed graphic imagery, and while real and interesting, their unhealthy quriosity towards it showed their wild behavior. They Left it up for their parents to see, to scare them first. They allowed it to make they uneasy, having them hear their own screams. The nursery only shows what the children are thinking about. The way the animals act are the way the children envision them, showing how much they think about death. All of the screams their parents heard are their own screams. The children obsession shows how they think due to their parents lack of responsibility.…show more content…
They at first lied about the African veldt. When they admitted it the son, peter even threatened his father. He didn't have any respect for Gorge. Peter and Wendy Thought that there was nothing more to do but look listen and smell. Seeing everyday activities as a chore. While other may assume the veldt is about how technology can control and ruin lives it's more about how the lack of family support and learning lessons can lead children to not understand morals and respect. The way they use the tech just is the median for the bad behavior. The effects of spoiling and not being around enough lead the children to disrespect their parents, even to threaten

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