Argumentative Essay About The War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs that the government has been fighting for almost two centuries has been a failure. The War on Drugs has made criminal organizations, violence around the world, and drugs themselves worse. The War on Drugs has negatively affected the lives of millions of people around the world as it has led to massive incarceration in the United States; corruption, political destabilization, and violence in Latin America, Asia, and Africa; to systemic human rights abuses across the world. Prohibition of certain drugs has actually led to higher rate of violence and murders all around the world.

Which drugs are legal and illegal is not really based on any specific scientific assessment of the relative risk of the drugs, but it has everything
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Prohibition on certain drugs may prevent a certain number of people from taking drugs, but in the process, it is causing huge damage to society as a whole. For instance, prohibition actually makes drugs stronger. It was the same during alcohol prohibition, which led to an increased consumption of strong liquor over beer. Just think of how many criminal organizations that exist which depend on the sale of illegal drugs. If the government made all illegal drugs legal for recreational use for adults all those criminal organizations wouldn’t exist because they wouldn’t be making any money. Some people may think legalizing drugs well increased the use among teenagers but that wouldn’t be the case. For example in Washington, where marijuana is legal, the number of teenagers smoking marijuana did not increase. The legalization and decriminalize of drugs will decrease the fear teenagers that do drugs have. Which is actually not that bad because the would feel safe. For example if a teenager is going to take a psychedelic drug such as lsd it would be safer if he/she wasn’t worried of getting arrested which would lead to a bad trip; which can sometimes lead to PTSD. Also if drugs were legal people would know exactly what they are taking and how much they are taking. Which would lead to less deaths. Most deaths by illegal drugs are due to people not actually getting the drugs or doses they

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