Argumentative Essay On The War On Drugs

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My home state of Minnesota is currently dealing with what Richard Nixon states was “public enemy number one”, and this is a drug crisis, in particular an opioid crisis that has taken the lives of 395 Minnesotans just in 2016. What is the current government doing to help solve this problem? They declared it a national public health crisis but other than that they have pushed for stricter drug control like Nixon did back during his presidency. Nixon started the war on drugs to help him win his presidential campaign and it has been something that has had negative effects to Americans ever since. The War On Drugs has been a failure to the American people through its adverse effect on African American communities, its establishment of unjust mandatory minimum sentencing laws, and its effects on drug use and cost.
A large part of why the war on drugs is a failure to the American people is its vastly negative effects on poor and african american communities. In The House I Live In directed by Eugene Jarecki they interview Dennis Whidbee who talks about his experiences, his past, and his inability to escape the vicious cycle that African Americans are put into because of the war on drugs “All the things that you knew were coming up those were wrong. Now I 'm starting to do them but I can 't control it cause I got these problems I use these drugs and I 'm halfway selling drugs”(The House I live In). In essence Dennis is saying that he knew that selling and using drugs were wrong

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