Essay On Toilet Cleaners

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Toilet cleaners are sprayed into the bowl with the use of the toilet brush, which can help remove stubborn stains. Though Toilet cleaners are very poisonous and should be treated with care as they cause skin irritation.

Chapter 1-Introduction

Situation Analysis

Hygiene is needed in a person’s life, whether we are in our homes doing some chores or in the mall to go shopping. Furthermore, hygiene can also show what type of person that person is. However, not only the hygiene can affect one’s life but also the sanitation of our homes especially in our kitchen and restrooms.

Restrooms are being used most of the time and we can’t avoid seeing dirty toilets. Restrooms are dirty for the reason that the things that we do and use in the restrooms. Improper sanitation and hygiene propose a major threat in a
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coli and shigella bacteria, hepatitis A virus, the common cold virus.

This problem was selected for the reason that we are going to the toilet every day in our lives and we don’t even clean it every day. However when we do clean it, we don’t know what brand of bleach to use since some brands are too weak while some are too strong.

The study aspired to find out if a natural cleaning product is better than using the commercialized cleaning product or bleach sold in supermarkets. Furthermore, not only the study shows us alternative cleaning products to the commercialized brands but it also gives us knowledge what diseases can be caused by dirty toilet. The study also shows what can happen if you inhale the smell of the cleaning products while having an effect to the toilet.

Framework of the Study

In 2011, researchers have identified 3 broad communities for bacteria: the toilet, the floor, and the surfaces where the hand is
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