Argumentative Essay On Transgender

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There are many stories about de-transitioning, and they are typically not written by people who are against the transgender movement. They are written by people who realize transition isn’t what they needed after all. They are written by people who urge caution. This is the necessity of a certification from a duly licensed practitioner A true transgender person who truly has Gender Dysphoria will stand by his or her decision to become the preferred gender. A true transgender is determined to self-identify. Christine Jorgensen was asked on why some transsexuals are still in the same emotional shape even after transition and so Christine said: “There have been a few people who were unhappy about their status in life and they felt that the sexual reassignment surgery will change their life that much, and it really doesn’t. It’s who you are that’s important. I refer to it as a Cinderella syndrome. I’ve met cases who went from male to female thinking prince charming is coming around the corner on a white horse. Well, there aren’t very many prince charmings around. I would say look my dear, when you go through sex reassignment surgery you are confronting everything an average woman is confronting… Get off the dream boat.” (Emphasis Supplied) In another interview, Christine Jorgensen was asked about Transgender people with horrible stories about them feeling the phantom penis back, problems with urination and psychological problems caused by surgery done without proper
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