Max Moore The Difference Between Humanism And Transhumanism

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Society has no idea how fast things are moving and changing, with that comes a world of foreign knowledge and shock towards what is to come. When a person sees another human with very dark skin no one thinks “Is that a genetically modified superhuman?” well, hopefully most citizens do not. Because people from Africa live under such harsh sunlight the radiation can become very detrimental to the skin. Over years the Africans have had the melanin in their skin become significantly darker in order to increase survival against the grueling sun. Just like our bodies have fought against death and disease for our entire existence now scientists have paved the way in ensuring humans have the best chance to survive at life with the founding of transhumanism.…show more content…
According to Max Moore, Moore defines transhumanism as; “A class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.” With this being said, the world of science is going to increase human’s quality of life dramatically. The whole scope of this new way of thinking has sprouted from the idea that humans can achieve super health, super intelligence and super abilities. The main difference between humanists and transhumanists is the idea that though humans, may not be perfect they can still advocate their god given rights and abilities to make this world a better place. The transhumanist will agree up to a point with the humanist way of thinking, but strongly campaigns for the idea of what we can become and how we can work within…show more content…
Transhumanism has made its name through the idea and information provided that scientists and doctors can start to alter a humans genes. Due to the help of the Human Genome Project that began in 1990, scientists apart of that project were able to successfully map the human genome DNA. With the updated information discovered within the project, scientists have found themselves capable of being able to combat disease and infections. A coaxing argument has been made against transhumanism as to why we are focusing on future when we need to solve problems that are currently affecting our lives. Well, as mentioned in previous remarks, transhumanism is fight the great battle against these pressing issues. The disabled are becoming abled, planets will soon house humans to decrease the further damaging of Earth’s resources and finally it can all start at birth. When gene augmentation takes place many disease such as autism, dyslexia and more will become absent from the DNA sequence. Another way in which gene augmenting is going to improve our society is through super intelligence. Since doctors will be able to augment our genes and give us the more advanced form of DNA sequencing, doctors can sort out detrimental genes and supplement those with thriving and correct genes. Because of humans new intellectual mind transhumanism could potentially put an end to

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