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While I think that most people have discredited the idea that body types can be directly associated with crime, I do think there are some trends that may be used to make connections, all while keeping in mind the idea that correlation does not equal causation. As far as determining my body type, due to the nature of the sport which I participate it makes this a fairly difficult question. I’m definitely not frail, but as a cyclist, I definitely have much more muscle mass in the lower body than the upper. I don’t really fit the description of an ectomorph, due to the lack of fragility, but I wouldn’t say that I’m a naturally muscular individual, so I’m not a mesomorph. I’m definitely not an endomorph as “soft and round” are two words that I would not use to describe myself. With that said, I guess that I have to describe myself as fitting into the balanced category.…show more content…
While the claim is that junk food and cause people to act in a way that they can’t control, such as two murders, the actual argument in court argued that the consumption of Twinkies was simply a display of the claimed depression of the accused; the argument was not that the Twinkies made him do it, but rather that they indicated a mental shift; the underlying cause for his actions which led to him being eventually charged with a lesser crime ( With that said, I kind of find the Twinkie Defense to be credible; showing the shift from mentally stable to unstable (in this case, depression) is certainly a plausible cause for reduced charges. In the same way that many other mental illnesses can be used to justify actions, depression absolutely does have a negative effect on the mind. While food choices cannot always be attributed to depression, being able to highlight a distinct shift in eating habits more than likely does indicate some sort of internal

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