Argumentative Essay On Ultrasound Waves

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Smooth, wide-open arms welcomed her and the Aunt upon arrival. Nearly only five black, straight, plastic hands shifted clockwise acutely before the welcoming arms welcomed wet swollen eyes and welcomed the whimpering to turn to bawling. “She’s become inscrutable and my attempts to console her fail miserably.” the mother thinks to herself. Therefore, she decides to make a call. “Hi, my two-year-old daughter is not feeling well and she-” “Sounds like she has the stomach flu” the 24-hour nurse sharply responded around 9:00 in the evening. “Well, okay.” the mother responded unsurely as she stared in astonishment at the squeamish, crying little girl in front of her and hangs up the phone. By 4:00 in the morning, the little girl is rested upon the lap of her mother in the Emergency Room waiting area. Hours passed. Eventually, at 10:00 in the morning, March 29, 2000, doctors attempt to obtain a urine sample. However were left with no choice than to extort the necessary fluids through a medical instrument, due to the refusal of a strong-willed female toddler who was aware of strangers invading her personal space. Series of failed medical tests led to the use of an ultrasound which detected the unknown cause of stomach pain. Immediately, the people in crisp white coats accessorized with a stethoscope hanging around their necks declared the ultrasound revealed a ruptured appendix and that an emergency appendectomy had to be performed.…show more content…
Her appendix has ruptured.” the mother informed her bed-resting, recovering husband. “No they’re not! They’re getting a second opinion!” the father struggled to shout out as if his jaw was sewn shut. He mindlessly argued through a white, plastic phone. “We have no choice if we want her to live” the mother helplessly tried explaining to the

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