Argumentative Essay On Unfair Life

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is unfair. If you don 't have it, someone else has. If you have it, someone may not have it as well. When I became a special mom, I totally experienced this truth in everything I encountered. I got jealous to regular kids and parents I saw. I wish I had their lives. I felt I had been betrayed for life gave me what I do not like. I felt humiliated everytime a stranger stares at my son. I wish I had their child. I was broken into pieces everytime I witness a child who develops normally effortlessly. I wish I had that comfortable life. I was devastated when my son had life support while others were freely enjoying being a child. Why me? Why my son? Life is unfair. It will remain that way. But after all these, one struggle after another, one milestone after another, I have understood that these unfairness is what makes LIFE BEAUTIFUL. Each day, my son reminds me that this unfair life is worth every stride. That this unfair life is worth trying and this unfair life is worth living. Lesson 71: Most of our worries do not happen. When I worried if Jj can walk, he did walk although a little late. When I worried if he can talk, he did talk with constant practice. When I worried if he can understand, now he is in regular curriculum with close assistance. When I worried if he can have a social life, now he has a friend. We spend so much time on worrying about things that do not happen, that is why we miss to appreciate random moments that brought genuine happiness within. Having
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