Argumentative Essay On Veganism

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Is veganism a lifestyle change that is worth making? What should a person’s reasons be for going vegan? What impact does veganism have? These are the questions that both Gary Steiner and George Wang want to answer in their respective articles “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable,” and “Go Vegan, Save the Planet.” But, the answers they come up with are very different. Steiner is a strict “ethical” vegan who believes that veganism is necessary because using animals for human consumption is morally wrong, while Wang argues that veganism is a transaction that could save the planet from its current fate. So, who is right, or is there really a definite answer? First, Gary Steiner offers an emotion-based, tug at your heartstrings perspective on why we should become vegan. His main claim (of policy) is that we should become vegans because it is inhumane to kill animals for human needs. He supports his cause by refuting two counterarguments from those who ask if animal suffering is comparable to human suffering: those who believe animals are not as important as humans because they are not in God’s image, and those who believe animals do not think as humans and so cannot suffer as much as humans. He concedes that Isaac Singer’s argument in “The Letter Writer,” about a mouse being a dignified and conscious creature worthy of life just like humans, makes the good point that animals are not made for humans to exploit, and there is no ethical way to eat them. He further backs up his opinions

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