Argumentative Essay On Vegetarianism

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“Epidemiologic studies have consistently shown that vegetarians are thinner than comparable non vegetarians” (Joan). In 570-495 BC a Greek mathematician supported vegetarianism. A vegan diet cuts back any meat and any animal products such as milk, cheese, or butter. Even though meats like chicken and beef give more proteins, being a vegetarian is better because it keeps the Earth Healthier and a vegan diet can decline the rate of diseases such as cancer or diabetes. Promoting vegetarianism is great because it keeps the Earth healthy. Cutting back, meat is not such a bad thing because it doesn 't just keep us healthy but also the Earth. First of all, “Between 1996-2006, 25 million acres of Amazon rainforest were cleared—80% of which became a pasture for beef cattle” ( The trees are too important to destroy, they provide paper for Americans and also protect us from harmful gases. Not just that, but “Manure produces toxic hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, which pollute the air and leach poisonous nitrates into nearby waters" ( The toxic hydrogen sulfide and ammonia is very dangerous to humans and the Earth. If we did not have these horrible diseases our water systems would not be polluted. Author Michael Pollan said “If you eat corn directly( as Mexicans and many Africans do) you consume all the energy in that corn, but when you feed that corn to a steer or chicken, 90 percent of its energy is lost...this is why vegetarians say we should eat " low on the

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