Narrative Essay About My Cousin

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When I was a kid, my cousin/godbrother and I really love playing video games. Video games were like an everyday drug we need to stay alive. Without video games we would have been very bored, especially when no one outside to play with. Whenever a new video game got released we will find any kind of way to get that game, but we had got a unique lessen after this and it was patience.
10 years ago, my mother was a single parent with three kids same with my aunts so yeah life hit us quite hard but we still maintain our childhood. In my family no matter what if one of us wanted something we will have to be patient. My cousin and I bond were strong that you would think we were brothers , you would never find us without each other unless during the school year. But one perfect morning , the beautiful sunlight shined through the whole living room while the air conditioner was push cool breezy air and my cousin and I was the only ones that 's up watching tv. While we were watching tv a playstation 2 commercial came up and caught our attention , the commercial was showing amazing games that 's been released with it plus the features really got us super excited.
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Suddenly the house door open so i quickly ran to the living room to hide the money. When I finally found a spot for the money I heard my cousin jumping around with joy then I see my mother and aunt surprise us with the playstation 2 with some games . I still feel super guilty but i can 't resist to be very excited , at the moment my mother was hooking up the game the money fell out the spot and my aunt picked up the money then ask us where this money kind of money come from. My cousin and I was extremely excited that didn 't even notice she asked us a question so she went towards her room and my mother’s
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