Argumentative Essay On Violent Sports

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Violent Sports
The topic on violent sports such as boxing and martial arts on whether they should be banned may be extended widely as different arguments may arise in support for the ban or continuity of the sports. The first topic would be an increase in violence due to extensive exposure to the sports. The topic may explain how exposure to such sports would influence one’s character making them brutal. The second topic would be that the violent sports cause mental disabilities. The sports involve punches and kicks in the head, which may affect the brain. The third topic would be that sports like boxing and martial arts are like any other form of sports with equal challenges and fun bits. Like other sports, boxing and martial arts among others are governed by rules, which make them enjoyable. Boxing and martial arts seem violent, but they are equally fair compared to other sports as they promote talents and abilities. The sports have measures that make them relevant and fun without being
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Although, they may be thought as violent, the effects are voluntary. Individuals are critical in determining how they perceive the games. If they give into violence, it is by their choice and not influence. Like other sports, boxing and martial arts involve injuries among the competitors. However, the damages should not be exaggerated to a point of banning the competitions. Necessary measures should be affirmed and protected by the referees to ensure the competitions are safe. When injuries occur in the competitions, they should be handled accordingly to avoid extension that may cause permanent damage to the player. It is vital to make the sports enjoyable as they are like any other sport. There are fans for the sports, and they must be considered in international competitions. Also, the respective talents in boxing and martial arts must be rewarded with participation in the

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