Argumentative Essay On Violent Video Games

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For years, violent video games has became a popular genre in the video game industries, and while violent video games has became increasingly popular, adults questioned if violent video games has a harmful mental effect on children, which can possibly lead to teen violence. The debate between video games and violence, has became a critical topic because of the aggressive behavior that violent video games causes, and the menacing environment that is illustrated in the games. Many that criticize these video games, judges that the calamities caused by teens was fueled by violent video games because of the excruciating mindset that the video game illustrates towards the player. Despite all these criticism towards the irrational atmosphere illustrated by violent video games, unbiased research have proved that violent video game only cause aggressive behavior, while all these atrocious events caused by teens was mainly caused by the individual 's mental illness or villainous behavior. Conversely, many consider that teen violence was encouraged by video games, but research has proven that video games isn’t even a aspect to the reason behind teen violence, instead violent video games only cause one to be ambitious, and aggressive because of the competitiveness displayed in video games. With abundant experiments and common sense, video games were proved to only affect a person’s aggression, Richard Ryan, a motivational psychologist at the University of Rochester said “in sports,

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