Argumentative Essay On Violent Video Games

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Violent video games can cause people to do very violent and horrific acts. Video games can cause teenagers to commit horrific acts such as murder, suicide, and it can teach kids to use harmful language. video Games can cause people to commit suicide, and they are games that are played all over the world. Games like call of duty can make you mad and change your mind in moment 's notice. Games can cause people to commit suicide, and they might not even show their suffering. For example William was found dead with his hands tied behind his back and a plastic bag over his head in February of 2014, only hours after playing COD and getting mad every other round. His father said to the hearing "Nothing about him caused concern. He was very taken with his studies and he enjoyed playing his Xbox. The game he always played was Call of Duty. He was rather self-contained." This helps show how you can hurt yourself just from video games alone. Another piece of evidence is how teens are the most likely to commit a violent act to themselves after playing a hard and difficult game. This can be shown in an article that said "Callum Green, 14, hanged himself in March 2012 after playing Call of Duty with his stepfather. The game has been linked to the deaths of two other unnamed teenagers." This is a huge shoot ‘em up game and is violent when it has the player chase online people and shoot them down to earn points for the team, and with enough kills without dying the player gets a scorestreak

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