Argumentative Essay On Voting

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Rock the vote is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States which drives the youth to exercises their right to votes . It helps build a political power for young people using media and pop culture such as music, arts, and technology to inspire political activity. It mainly makes voting easy and accessible by simplifying voter registrations and elections. In this website, I founded in the media section a Youtube video, which is a collaboration of Rock the Vote & iHeartRadio, named “Voting is the Party.” The main purpose its to invite americans to the biggest party ever which is VOTING. This stream video Features: Jennifer Lopez, Blake Shelton, Prince Royce, Shawn Mendes, Nick Jonas, Tori Kelly, Puff Daddy, and Trey Songz. These are well-know artist and celebrities in the pop culture in order to appeal to a younger population. This voters awareness stresses the pointe that “It 's not about the Republican party. It 's not about the Democratic party. It 's about VOTING. Voting IS the party.” Furthermore, this campaign uses comparatives reasoning by contracting a familiar interpretation in this case “party,” to explain a less familiar one such as “voting” for young adults to facilitate the comprehension. This-is-like-that thinking uses metaphors and…show more content…
Becausee not teenager want to feel left out and specially out of a party. This campaign make use of the classical audience appeals by using pathos and logos, as well. First, it appeals the viewers by focusing on the logic and comparative side, by mentioning some statistics and facts such as “ As a americans when you turn 18 you have the right to vote” “ 25 years ago “Rock the Vote” mobilize the generation and young p people to go to polls and change history” “12,000 americans become eligible to vote
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