Argumentative Essay On War On Drugs

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The War on Drugs, as imposed by Richard Nixon in 1971, is called many things: an old concept; a never-ending war; a fight for humanity. With drugs all around us, in our schools, communities, and families, many people call for the fight against drugs and drug abuse. On the flip side of the coin, there is a force, equally powerful and just as determined to push back at those who want to break the grip that many believe that drugs have placed on our country. In the almost fifty years since Nixon was in office, many people wonder if the fight is worth the money, time, and pressure to continue. In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs. We as a nation are in the midst of the Vietnam War era. This time was also known for the hippie movement that was highlighted by large amounts of drugs including LSD, heroin, crack cocaine, and marijuana being bought and sold within American communities. The drug use was so widespread that Nixon even referred to it as "the modern plague” and thus began a campaign to end the trafficking and use of recreational drugs in America. This conflict has continued on for the past 47 years and both sides have gained some ground. The question…show more content…
Politically, in many ways, they are correct. John P Walter, the former director of The White House Office of National Drug control policy, points out that failure to fight against drug legalization in the country works against International anti-drug efforts. This could then weaken ties with Nations that have been strong trade partners and political allies, thus weakening our country's position in the world. In opposition to this point, some argue that the weakened trade alliances could benefit our country by encouraging businesses to remain in the United States rather than outsourcing their businesses
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