Argumentative Essay On War On Religion

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War on Religion
There is a belief among people that declares religion as the main cause of wars worldwide, and it has been the main cause of violence throughout the history of humanity. While we cannot deny that, some battles such as the crusades and the Lebanese civil war were based on religious faith, it is totally illogical to consider religion as the main cause of wars. Moreover, although there is also no disagreement that some extremist in Islam were behind 9/11, it is considered a misjudgment to say that all individuals in this religion convey the concept of violence and cruelty. The fact is non-religious incentives take the responsibility for almost all of humans’ wars. Lives lost during religious wars are nothing compared to those lost during non-religious why people believe that religion is the cause of wars, why they are wrong and do the extremist represent religions?
People believe that the primary cause of wars and violence worldwide is religion. They base this assumption on two reasons; the first reason is examples of some wars that were actually caused by religion, the second one is words in the religious books that are misinterpreted. Most of those who believe that religion is the cause of wars, give the example of the Israeli-Palestinian, which according to these people is caused by religious beliefs. Jews believes that Palestine is actually the location of the ancient land of Israel, which according to the Hebrew, was granted to the Jews by God. On
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