Argumentative Essay On War On Women

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After reading this article, I have a greater understanding of why people who support a woman’s right to have an abortion are frustrated. If a state decides abortion is legal, then they need to support that decision and allow for easy access to abortion clinics. If a state votes against abortion, women from that state who are unhappy should move to another, pro-abortion, state. However, all that aside, I think “War on Women” is an inaccurate term for this article. It seems to me it would be more accurate to say “The War on Babies.” After all, the mother will not lose her life from an abortion, but her child will. Abortions do not seem fair to me because in following through with an abortion, a child loses their life without having any say in the matter. All…show more content…
If the United States made abortion illegal, one could make the argument that the government is taking away a woman’s right to her liberty and property. Her body belongs to herself only, and she should have the freedom to do with it as she pleases. However, an abortion also involves a child. If abortions are made legal, many children will lose their right to life because they will simply never make it out of the womb. That is not fair either. This should not be termed a “war on women” because in the end, women are not the ones losing their right to liberty and property; the kids are. It is a choice that caused women to become pregnant in the first place, and one of the things we learn early on in life is that all choices have consequences. If she makes the choice that

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