Argumentative Essay On Wasaga Beach

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Wasaga Beach. A beach full of history and a great ecosystem that is full of life. This essay is going to talk about some of the history that has befallen this landmark and some of the endangered species that have made this seaside their home. This essay is also an argument that Wasaga Beach should be placed on the historic sites and monuments Board of Canada. First off let’s talk about how Wasaga Beach got its name. Wasaga comes from the word “Nottawasaga” which means “Iroquois at the mouth of the river”. The Algonquin Indians would use that phrase to alert their tribe to Iroquois raiding parties.
The first settler and permeant occupant went by the name John Van Vlack and when he purchased 69 acres of land near the Nottawasaga River and started
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They bought a place from a couple who attempted the voyage but was unsuccessful and they renamed the plane to “Trail of the Caribou”. The two men used the sandy beach as their runway because of its long, straight and hard-packed sand, perfect for take-offs and landings. Now the couple before them was a British air ace by the name of Captain James Mollison and his wife, Amy Johnson with their plane, the Seafarer II. The couple wanted to beat the world’s long distance flying record that was set by two French pilots. Unfortunately the day they attempted the flight, the heavy crosswinds let the plane in the air but always had to touch back down. On the third attempted to get the plane in the air it had to touch down again but destroyed the planes undercarriage and crippling the plane. James Mollison and his wife were not harmed but it ended anymore attempts that…show more content…
It’s pointed in the same direction that is took off in 1934. The small town was borne to a police village then was later founded as a town in 1974. The town house was the former school of Wasaga beach which was purchased in 1974 and since then many renovations took place. In order to find the crest for the town, they held a school contest to see if one of the student cold make one up and the crest consist of the five sports that are commonly enjoyed in Wasaga Beach: swimming, fishing, waterskiing, and snowmobiling.
Enough talking about the history, let’s start talking about the how beautiful and diverse this beach is. The seashore has millions residents that don’t always have two legs. So many different types of species call this beach their home. For example the mayflies, killdeer, wormwood, sea rocket and that’s only to name a few. The reason Wasaga Beach has such an active ecosystem is because of the sands, they are always shifting everything about. The winds help pollinate endangered plants, the currents helps shift minerals out and takes minerals in, shifting it around to different
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