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Water bottles, a major controversy in the world of recycling and on the other hand litter. Do you know what happens in our oceans and world when plastic is thrown out or littered? There are many dangerous and harmful effects when this happens. Water bottles are creating a pile of trash in the ocean and on land, and to top it all off we’re the ones who started and created this disaster. I think that plastic water bottles should be banned because it’s pricey and expensive to the economy and to the public, they are lethal to animals, and plastic water bottles are polluting our environment. The first reason why I think that water bottles should be banned is that they are expensive and pricey to the economy. According to the deputy commissioner of sanitation for recycling and waste reduction stated “Plastic shopping bags are an enormous problem for New York City. He went on to say that the city pays ten million dollars every year to send 100,000 tons of plastic that are tossed in landfills in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. He also stated, “It is amazing to think of because a…show more content…
You see that the animal is struggling to breathe. This is one of the outcomes of plastic being thrown into the ocean. How would you feel if you saw a dying animal and it was all because of plastic? Marine life such as turtles and zooplankton frequently mistake plastic trash floating around in the ocean for food. Plastic in the ocean is not biodegradable meaning that it can’t easily break up and dissolve into our ecosystem. The plastic breaks up into little pieces called microplastic which gets logged in an animal’s body. After this, they eat the food and it can be digested or stuck in the GI tract. Sometimes, the animals get it logged in their throat and

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