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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the world’s most dreaded disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Precisely, the viral infection destroys the immune system of the patient by way of eliminating the CD4+ lymphocytes (Mandal, 2012). With decreased immunity, the body becomes vulnerable to a wide range of infections otherwise known as opportunistic infections. These could be viral, bacterial, or fungal infections as well as tumors and other conditions adverse to a person’s health (Mandal, 2012). Ideally, the pathology of AIDS involves several key states namely seroconversion illness, asymptomatic infection, persistent generalized lymphadenopathy, symptomatic infection, and eventually AIDS (Mandal, 2012). We Were Here is a documentary on AIDs and how it affect the gay community in 1970s. The documentary, gives five different people experience of the epidemic in San Francisco. The interviews were emtional and inspiring on how AIDs destory the gay community. In the early years of AIDS (that is, the 1980s), a number of healthcare disparities could be observed in the population. To begin with, the disease was…show more content…
Notably, the development of antiretroviral drugs and rapid tests has helped many people live longer. Essentially, the ARVs reduce virus levels while preventing the existing virus from damaging more cells of the body (Boseley, 2012). Moreover, the measurement of CD4+ has enabled the assessment of the strength of the virus in patients thereby facilitating appropriate action. To date, people have become more conscious about the AIDS pandemic compared to the early years. The use of condoms, for instance, has grown highly because people have recognized the need to satisfy their sexual desires in a responsible manner. Consequently, it would be hard to talk about disparities in AIDS infection today because doing so would be tantamount to profiling certain groups of

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