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Men you try to abuse in using weasel words, or else you shall be a delusion; you try to exaggerate your sketching or else it shall cause a mental illusion. These two styles of surreptitious communiqué: weasel words and caricatures will lure you by surprise to take advantage of your ignorance, intellectual capabilities, and analytical abilities. These messages conveyed either a direct or indirect reaction from the receiver. We cannot evade these, but we can avoid if you just have the inner peaceful intention both in mind and in the heart. My MOOC Professor Amber Gwynne said in her Lecture 6.1: Adverbs. Avoid using weasel words, because, when poorly used, these words are vague, ambiguous, and unnecessary in writing.

However this is also similar in a propaganda caricature, by drawing a propaganda caricature depicting the scenario of the current situations through comics. If poorly portraying the current events in comic strips would create chaos, treat or tension to both parties.

Let me cite some example, looking back during the Typhoon Yolanda, with its international name Haiyan brought massive destruction and made its
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This scandalous “PDAF Scam” issue is history in the making here in the Philippines. Who involved in it? The senators, congressmen, and government agencies. How can they have processed the projects without knowing that they gave tax money to a fake NGO that didn’t even exist or undelivered services and goods? How could the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and Commission on Audit (COA) have approved the many transactions that took place under their very noses? These resulted that the public cannot appreciate what it does not understand. – Which resulted to Billions of pesos lost or wasted to aim to fulfill every Filipinos dream in alleviating their lives. (source:
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