Argumentative Essay On Welfare Drug Testing

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The United States economy is in trouble and the economy statewide is not doing any better. In rough times like these those elected into public office are put under extreme pressure to try and alleviate the problems. Different people have different ideas of ways to fix the economy, and drug testing before receiving welfare is one of them that is still not agreed upon. Welfare drug testing has been a highly debated topic in the U.S. for quite some time now. There are plenty of opinions that agree and disagree with the drug tests, but real statistics uncover the hard truth about the success of welfare drug testing.
To start with, there are holes in the drug testing laws themselves. The laws were made in a way that protects the children of parents who are drug abusers. To accomplish this the children are given a way to still receive that money even if their parent does not qualify for the welfare support. For example, if a parent tests positive for drug abuse the money that the kids need will be given to a trusted family member to ensure that the kids are taken care of. It seems like a good way to protect and take care of the helpless
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When people talk about welfare drug testing it seems like there is a large amount of drug abusers who are trying to receive assistance. That is not the case. Statistics show that there was not a substantial amount of positives applying for welfare in the first place. The statistics were from states who enforce welfare drug testing and they showed that an average of one percent of applicants tested positive for drugs. That number is a whole lot smaller than what the public makes it out to be. With numbers that small the cost to have the drug tests done costed more than the amount saved by denying them welfare checks. Spending more money on the drug tests is not helping the economy and is a good reason to put them to

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