Argumentative Essay On Why I Hate Mondays

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The “Mondays” source shows a boy and maybe his brother going through trash to find anything that could be useful. One of the boys however is wearing a shirt that says “I Hate Mondays!” which is something many western people say because they have to go back to work or school. While Western people whine about Mondays because they're ungrateful, that could be the only piece of clothing that child has.
2) This source is meant to make anyone who is unappreciative or not aware of what they have feel bad. These kids conditions are a few of many that there is all around the world, yet nobody seems to care or even think about it. While people get mad about Mondays, they should be appreciating they have a job or are getting an education. Having a job
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My source claims that poverty is a big problem in certain countries, yet most people aren't doing anything about it, they're too focused on themselves. Banksy claims that society is selfish and ungrateful. Mondays have become a big thing to be mad about anywhere, society seems to hate waking up early and doing work, yet in other countries people are dying due to lack of clean food. An argument that is linked with Idols of the tribe is society feeling like nothing is enough. Society feels that having to do tasks is just plain boring and makes life bad. People also are deceived by friends and family, if their friends or family have more money or a bigger house, they want that. They don't stop and realize that some people only own a pair of shoes or sometimes none. This piece demonstrates idols of the tribe because societies sadness about Mondays is just an internal meaningless problem. In no way is a day of the week doing any harm to people, if anything they are gaining knowledge at school or money at their jobs. Those kids in the painting at such a young age are struggling to survive on their own. It's sad how many people including myself don't think about the real problems that are happening around the world. Mondays should be a day to be happy about, not
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