Argumentative Essay On Wild Animals

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A 25 year old, Shelly, took in a hurt lion to keep in her home. Her friend, Wally, found a joey in their house and decided to raise it. Shelly kept the lion inside the and then on independence day, that same year, the lion had never heard a firework show before. When the lion heard the boom for the first time the lion was so surprised and startled that it accidentally attacked Shelly and caused her death. On the other hand, Wally had new years eve party with many people. Overwhelmed when people started petting it, the joey started kicking as a way to get them to stop. Many people sued and he had to pay many peoples medical bills. There are many fans of wild animals all around the world. For instance, many people in places like Africa or near the Rainforest have helped hurt wild animals or hungry wild animals and then they come back. They also take in wild cubs/joeys/calfs/kits/fawns/eaglets/ goslings/leverets/eyas/foals/squabs/etc that might of lost it’s parent and is all alone. The animal will most likely get attached to the person helping them, and not leave. Almost all of the people do not realize the work it takes to care for them. They also don’t realize that the cub/joey/calf/kit/fawn/eaglet/gosling/leveret/eyas/ foal/squab/etc will grow and they will probably not have room for it. There are many reasons why people should not be allowed to keep wild animals as domestic pets. First, approximately everyone fear of wild animals, but the is that small amount of people

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