Wind Energy Pros And Cons

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Throughout history, new power sources were found which eventually became a hazard rather than a salvation. Many created pollution or put workers in high risk situations. However, modern technology has made possible to ability to create power through harnessing the wind while while releasing nothing harmful into the environment. While it may be questioned if wind turbines are the best option to avoid the negative effects of other power sources, wind power in fact is a superior power source that eliminates most of the consequences of traditional power generation.
Economically, the use of wind turbines has many benefits after a substantial, initial investment. The article “Wind Energy Basics” explains the cost of a wind turbine resides in
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The greatest benefits of wind power are relative as each article and image may find a single item most improved by wind power as people all have different opinions. The graph emphasized the safety of wind compared to coal. Maehlum agrees as turbines create neither pollution nor leaves any waste that harms the environment. “Wind Energy Basics” adds once the wind turbines are finished, they become low in cost while other sources continue to need funds. Power plants perpetually require funding and constant care in hope to diminish harm that may be avoided such as a nuclear meltdown or a sudden release of gases which damage the atmosphere. While the graph does not bring up the item of space, the articles express how little room turbines take up compared to alternative options. The Turbines are able to be built on the edge of farmland in many different locations. Plants occupy numerous blocks of cities, buying up homes and businesses. Over many areas wind power is a safer, better option than traditional power…show more content…
When contrasting proven methods for the creation of energy, wind power stands out definitively as effective and clean for the environment. However, placing wind turbines in strategic locations to maximize the device 's use excludes many regions. Areas without continually strong wind may by consistently sun, therefore, would alternatively use solar panels instead. Regions with many river would presumably favor underwater turbines rather than wind. All previously stated choices, when properly and safely used, create energy from renewable sources. To work off of all three clean energy technologies in a single system would provide sufficient energy for
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