Domestic Labour: Gender Stereotypes

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Domestic labour – housewives
Women have always been allocated as economically dependent on men. They have also been destined to domestic work, either at staying home, being a housewife or either by doing a job that has to do with domestic work. In addition, even employers have the same views of work for women and when it comes to employability, they tend to hire men for jobs that have nothing to do with domestic work. However, the real fact is that a woman who has a salary can manage her life in a better way than a woman who is dependent on a man. The real problem about women, who are actually in domestic work, is that this type of labour is often undervalued and this is shown by the fact that when they are housewives and perform a type
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These stereotypes have been defining what men and women should do and how they should behave. They were also determining the characteristics that each gender is considered to have, in the society’s eyes. The major problem why these stereotypes and hierarchies are still holding on, is the fact that people, men and women, do not have their actual beliefs and expectations and they just accept the way that the society formed and teaches them to believe about genders and this creates an even more intense discrimination. If people were forming their own beliefs and judgements about genders and accept females and males, both as equal, there would be less discrimination (The Guardian, 2013).
Gender inequality at the workplace can be easily noticed through examples of events that happen when it comes to employability or even at work time. When it comes to employability a really common situation that happens, is when the employer decides to hire a person because of their sex. This happens when a job needs more of a physical ability and employers tend to choose a man instead of a woman, or when a job is more needs a more caring and organizing concept, then the employer chooses to hire a woman because women seem to have these skills better than a man, because of their
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In any manner, gender equality has many benefits, not only for an individual but also as a whole in a community. Firstly, when people from both genders are employed to a workplace is it more possible to have more talented people in your company. Secondly, gender equality can lower the employee turnover and the great expenses of the business (Australian government, workplace gender equality agency). Thirdly, when women and men work in one company there is a variety of ideas and this leads to a better study which reduces the issues of the company and performs efficient decisions and improved performance. Additionally, the better a country emphasizes and tries to improve the education that is provided to women and makes use of their abilities, the more antagonism the country has. Finally, when a country invests its resources in a better education for women then the less waste is made on resources in different circumstances that do not really help the economy (Australian government, workplace gender equality

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