Argumentative Essay On Women In Combat Advantages And Disadvantages

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“Instead of seeing my strengths and how I could contribute, he only saw my gender.” - Major Mary Hegar. Major Mary Hegar, an Air National Guard search and rescue helicopter pilot fell victim to gender inequality. Mary Hegar was supervised during a mission in Afghanistan in 2007 because they did not think she could carry her own weight in an evasion situation if they were shot down by their enemies. Women’s position in armed forces is not a recent phenomenon, but an erstwhile issue that invades modern societies today. Men tend to overlook the abilities women posses to protect their alter egos as more women step into male dominated fields. A number of opposed arguments have been given as to why women shouldn’t participate in combat that range from, women’s health disadvantages, physical limitations, and the risk of potential rape. Each of these arguments will be discussed and revealed to be essentially flawed. The same opportunities in regards to combat should be given to those women who prefer to wear dogtags and boots, rather than pearls and sensible shoes to work. Thus indicating that it would be…show more content…
In other words, they may not be true for every woman. Therefore, despite the allegations that perceive women unfit, it is cruel to keep all women from combat. Health disadvantages, physical limitations, and rape predictions are arguments that men perceive as valid to protect their self-esteem. Every individual whether they be a female, a male, gay, a transgender, etc. still deserve the same opportunities. We no longer live in a society that restricts women to participate in activities that were once perceived as male-dominated. Thus indicating that it would inhumane to use the traditional image women are associated with, rather than judging them off of the basis of their abilities and physical
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