Argumentative Essay On Women In The Military

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Twenty five percent of the marine corps jobs are closed to women(Mark)
Most jobs in the military are not open to women because they are labeled weak and too feminine(Herbert).
Women in the military would minimize discipline,and make for need of added sensitivity (Book). However, having women in the military could solve more problems and make for a better product(Mark) . Women in the military can lead to problems such as sexual harassment and deployment problems due to pregnancy(Pfluke).
Women in the military is a significant issue in our society .

Men are more physically capable than women but that doesn't mean women can't do the job(Book).
Women are just as willing to fight and die for our country as men so why shouldn't they be able
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“‘An unwanted pregnancy could derail a sailor’s chance for promotion, because sea duty is “career enhancing “she said(Book).
Whether a Woman is pregnant could determine what position in the military she is or could even be bumped to a lower rank.
Women should not be able to be in the military because so many are lost to pregnancy .
Women in the military are also more likely to be tortured or raped (Herbert).
Since most men are attracted to women this is the leading reasons women in the military are more likely to be raped than men .
Enemies think that since women are weaker and less emotionally stable they would be more likely to break and give up information (Herbert).
Having women in the military would weaken the fighting force and make the military less safe.
The decision to have women in the military is a poor one that would weaken the military significantly.

Women in the military would decrease control and add susceptibility (Book). On the other hand, integrating Women into the military could resolve issues and create a better outcome (Mark). Adding Women to the military could create more dilemma such as sexual harassment and stationing issues because of pregnancy
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