Argumentative Essay On Women's Suffrage Movement

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Women in society were and are treated like second class citizens, and for women, it’s time to be aware of this epidemic. There are numerous reasons why I feel so passionate and drawn to this controversy. Women have suffered for centuries trying to be respected in the eyes of society and men, but the people who’s had and still do have rough time is African American women. As a young African American woman, I find myself addicted to the truth and the hidden flaws behind the women’s suffrage movement. I want to further research on the first women suffrage movement to find out why was it ever okay to exclude black women and working class women. Growing up I was taught to believe that the women’s suffrage movement was to help all women, but what most aren’t aware of is that black women were still enslaved. Throughout the whole movement the…show more content…
As of the year 2018 there is a new movement saying f*** White Feminism, because it’s becoming clear to women everywhere that we have been taught that they fought for all women, but they didn’t. I guess deep down I knew that blacks will always be treated differently. But we were always taught that women are supposed to stick together. Although I want to learn more on the subject but I also want to bring about awareness. I want to write my paper because it’s time for society to open their eyes to what has been hidden from us. We must make a change because history can repeat itself, and I refuse to stay quite. In not just African American but “Aint I women” (Sojourner Truth). In this paper I will be answering the unanswered questions that I feel is extremely important. First how does race, sex and class dictate rather women should have rights? Second, how have black women grown from this? And thirdly, what does that black activist say about that time period? This paper will express many emotions and facts that are hard to hear, but is vital to
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