Argumentative Essay On Woodstock At The 60's

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Music has brought humans together for century's. Woodstock was no different, it might not have gone to plan but it brought people together. The event was seen by most as a dirty,drug filled, hippie gathering and others, well the others were the ones who went to Woodstock. Some things wood stock faced such as a struggle to land a solid venue, keep customers from camping out, and even get performers to stage is what made this concert so special. The part of Woodstock most people know is the that a lot of people attended. Few know that the organizers of wood stock, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld, and Mike Lang didn't even planned on three quarters of the total number to show up. The original venue was in a industrial park at wallkill, New York. Tickets prices were typically between 7-18$ this caused an…show more content…
Well not really, the farm had holes in the fence and was in no shape for a 100,000 capacity. The stage was barley getting finished before people started slipping in through the fences. So many people did this that it was to much of a hassle to make them leave, 50,000 to be specific. This left the organizers with some problems, make the concert free or try and force 50,000 people to cough up cash. They went for the former. When word got out the concert was free things got a little out of hand. over 500,000 people were heading to max's dairy farm. The venue was so packed people were abandoning cars on high ways to walk there. If the insane amount of people wasn't enough, problems arouse with performers. The venue being so full required a new way to get performers to the stage. So in 1969 during Vietnam war, what better then a helicopter, and thats exactly what they used. This wasn't what made Woodstock for most people. Even though they had 500,000 people they had next to zero fights among crowd goers, what helped this is up to debate. Maybe it was due to them being "doves" or the drugs but all in all this concert will be

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