Argumentative Essay On Working Mothers

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Introduction In 1962, 37% of American women were in the workforce and in 2016, the percentage of working women increased to 57.2% - a 27.2% increase (Burke, 2017). In modern American society, women are lawyers, teachers, or any other career they desire. However, over half of all women between the age of 15-44 share one occupation in common: motherhood (Luckerson, 2015). Motherhood is undeniably a very important job, which is why so many arguments exist over how women should exactly fulfill their jobs as a mother. Every choice mothers make, such as whether or not to breastfeed, is intensely scrutinized by fellow mothers and the rest of society. However, the most controversial decision mothers have to make is whether or not to sacrifice their careers to raise their children. Despite the increase of working mothers, 60% of Americans still believe children are better with a parent home according to the Pew Research Center (Cohn & Caumont, 2014). Additionally, the amount of stay at home mothers rose from 23% in 1999 to 29% in 2012, a sign that more and more women are choosing to stay at home (Cohn, Livingston, & Wang, 2014). However, many other women argue that working mothers provide valuable income and serve as role models to their children. This paper explores both sides of the argument and examines which choice is more beneficial to children. The Argument for Stay-At-Home Many studies have observed the benefits of having a mother at home. For example, a study done by the

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