Global Hunger Issue

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“These days, we sell brooms and buy ourselves some flour and then eat it with water,” says Ghaleb Mashn, a drained citizen of Yemen for The Guardian Newspaper. “Either we die from the bombing or from the hunger. My grandson needs treatment and also on the top of all that he needs to eat a healthy food, my grandson doesn’t know what the milk tastes like…” In my very first PPLE assignment I choose the global issue of hunger. It’s an issue that has even been acknowledged by the United Nations, where children are in particularly badly hit. It is fair and we can get through this essay quickly by mentioning facts we already know about, or also widening debates on the impact of globalisation. But, how can it be possible that nearly every 3.6 seconds,…show more content…
A lot would think that there isn’t enough food being produced for approximately 7,4 millions of people. Let me tell you something, it actually is. The “problem” is that there is more than enough to go around.
The rich are getting richer meanwhile the poor are getting poorer. In such a plight, the wealthier are the ones who could unquestionably use a bit of their filthy lucre in order to dictate how the economy operates. One of the main contributors to the price increase in food production is the ever rising price of oil. It has been rising at an alarming rate. Whereas the higher the gas prices, the more food transportation costs will it bring. The problem, therefore, is clearly of access and distribution. As Kenner states it is absurd to mention that your average meal has travelled about 2500 km to reach your plate. 152,000 litres of oil are being used for that purpose. This alarming amount of fuel only being used for food is enough to keep us worried. Let’s take the state of India as an example. One of the
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When thinking of world hunger, the first thing coming up to my mind is the economy. But it has got more than that in itself. Making a decision on switching factories of this world to whole organic productive ones is a big step which doesn’t only require money, but also a lot of psychologically backing. No one should have to choose. Eating healthy should not be a privilege only exclusive to the upscale. Unfortunately, this world will keep running like this if we don’t take two of the big economical and psychological steps like mentioned before.
This issue, seen politically, gives me even more hope. The United Nations agencies have already started working on food security and are growing each day. Programmes and investments like World Food Programme, World Bank, The Food and Agriculture of the United Nations and International Fund for Agricultural Development have proven the past three decades for a change in good.
Look around you. Pay attention to the food you sometimes carelessly consume. That is the food others would die for. We should look at our dear environment in a more holistic manner. Socrates used to say that hunger is the best sauce for food. Today, reading his statement makes me realize people don’t even think of that “sauce” anymore. There’s a hunger root, which we’ll need to keep from growing, in order to have harmony for the generations to come. Let this small world benefit and give everyone the right
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