Argumentative Essay On Year Round School

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Year-round schooling is a modified version of the traditional, or Agrarian, school year. There are several opposing viewpoints regarding Year Round Schooling. Some of the main viewpoints are sports and extracurricular activities, vacations, and grading.

The most controversial subtopic about year round schooling is the summer vacation and school breaks. The main reason is because many students decide to attend summer camps and different activities that are only found throughout the summer. As well, many teachers also attend to work at some select camps for a summer job. According to “Scotti Madison” in the article “Year Round school: Is it the answer or a mere band aid?” he states that “teachers will not be able to work summer jobs in the private sector including summer camps. This may cause a decrease in teachers salaries compared to teachers’ that teach using the agrarian cycle. Besides events that take place during the summer like camps, the shortened summer vacation causes multiple defects in the school year. One of the defects during
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For example “Barber Jerry” in the article “Year Round schooling really works” states that “The most important advantage of the balanced calendar, where students are never out of school for more than one month at a time”, this grants less time for students to lose most memory over the breaks. While students are on their one of their breaks many people believe students may not be able to work or have contact with teachers. Although it may be a little difficult for students to arrange a time to meet with certain teachers it is very much possible. In fact, students are able to do attend what is called “intermission classes”(Wildavsky) this is alike to summer school which is found in the agrarian school calendar. This is focused for the students that are troubled, or students that are looking for
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